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Mr Right | This Charming Hitman - Sam Rockwell's goofy killer sweeps Anna Kendrick off her feet

Mr Right Anna Kendrick Sam Rockwell
(Image credit: Steve Dietl)

Mr Right Anna Kendrick Sam Rockwell

They make a killer couple. 

Screwball romantic comedies frequently feature strangers brought together by a mutual spark of zaniness, and that’s certainly so for Sam Rockwell’s wacky charmer and Anna Kendrick’s manic goofball in Mr Right.

The perverse twist here is that he’s a hitman, albeit a contract killer who’s just sprung a conscience and now only bumps off the people who hire him. Understandably, she thinks he’s kidding when he says stuff like, ‘Sorry, I had to kill a guy in the parking lot’. But with both Tim Roth’s shifty FBI agent and an underworld gang gunning for her new beau, she comes to realise he hasn’t been joking.

Having a love story play out amid the bullets and mayhem is something of a stretch, but Rockwell and Kendrick’s surprisingly fizzy chemistry makes this offbeat movie work.

Certificate 15. Runtime 93 mins. Director Paco Cabezas

Mr Right debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Sunday 2 July. Available on DVD from Altitude Film Distribution.