Mr Selfridge's Amanda Abbington: 'Whatever happens, Miss Mardle will pick herself up!'

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As news of Doris's sudden death shocks the staff in this week's Mr Selfridge, Miss Mardle's feeling guilty, as Amanda Abbington reveals…

Fans were shocked by the sudden death of Doris Grove (Lauren Crace), who was hit by a car and killed in last week’s Mr Selfridge. Miss Mardle was with Doris when she died – how’s she feeling when she returns to work?

"What I love about Miss Mardle is that she’s so stoic. She's always been so resolute in the face of adversity."

Knowing that Doris wouldn’t have met her fate if she hadn’t taken her to meet Billy, the real father of baby Ernest, Miss Mardle can’t bring herself to tell Doris’s widower, Mr Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill), about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death. What’s the relationship been like between Mr Grove and Miss Mardle this series?

"So much water's gone under the bridge with those two. Although Miss Mardle got hurt being Mr Grove’s bit on the side for 10 years, she still cares about him deep down and vice versa."

So will Miss Mardle decide to tell Mr Grove the truth?

“Miss Mardle’s a strong woman. Whatever happens, she’ll pick herself up and carry on."

What response do you get from people about Mr Grove and Miss Mardle’s relationship?

"People tend to fall into two camps. While some will say: 'You two are meant to be together', others will say: 'You’re lucky you’re not with him any more!'"

Have you had any unusual fan experiences while shopping in Selfridges?

"Yes! I was in there the other day, actually, buying a birthday present. I walked through lingerie and one girl, who worked there, was following me with these bras! I caught her staring at me, so I asked: ‘Are you all right?’ and she replied: 'You’re Miss Mardle. Oh, my God!'"

You've been with Mr Selfridge since series one – do you still enjoy working on the show?

"Yes, I really love this job. It's a lovely show and myself and all the cast feel very protective of it. The general feeling I get from people is that it's nice Sunday night viewing – after you've had your Sunday dinner, you can settle down to this!"

Mr Selfridge continues on Sundays at 9pm on ITV.


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