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Adam Thomas: 'Don't Rock The Boat was not for the faint-hearted!'

Adam Thomas in ITV's Don't Rock The Boat

The ex-Emmerdale star and I'm A Celebrity finalist reveals why he accepted the challenge to row the length of Britain...

Adam Thomas is one of twelve celebrities who have accepted the challenge to row the length of Britain, from St Ives to Lochinver.

It's a concept that's making our hands break out in blisters just thinking about it - for ITV's new five-part series Don't Rock The Boat (opens in new tab).

To make things that little bit more competitive, they have been divided into two teams: the Red Crew consists of actors Adam Thomas and Craig Charles, model and presenter Jodie Kidd, singer Fleur East, former deputy leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson, and double Olympic gold-winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton.

Squaring up to them on the Blue Crew are Olympic gold-winning heptathlete Denise Lewis, Love Island star Jack Fincham, former Corrie star Lucy Fallon (Bethany Platt), social media star Joe Weller, The Chase's Shaun Wallace and Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt.

Here Adam Thomas tells us why he signed up for Don't Rock the Boat - and whether he would do it again...

What made you want to take part in Don't Rock The Boat?

Adam Thomas: "I've done shows like this before - I've done challenges, I've done the Jungle, but this was something so different, and definitely not for the faint-hearted! It was one of the toughest challenges I've ever had to face, to be honest with you. I can't wait for you guys to see it!"

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The Red Crew pose together on a clifftop

Seeing red: crewmates Jodie, Craig, Adam, Fleur, Victoria and Tom (Photo: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

What was it like when you turned up on the first day?

AT: [laughing] "They literally showed us the boat, and where we'd be sleeping, and the bucket we'd be pooing and weeing in, and we all just looked at each other and thought, 'what have we got ourselves into?' To be honest with you, on day one I genuinely wanted to walk. The only thing that kept me going really was the fact that I could sense this was going to be something special. I've never got to work as a team before, and there was nothing quite like that team morale - I'm glad I did it in the end!"

Was there anyone on your team who found it tough?

AT: "Me! I couldn't help but moan - I really didn't expect it to be that hard! Being in the team that I was in, it was hard to keep up with them - especially the women, they were just so relentless, they were unstoppable. The only moaning that came from our boat was from me - I hold my hands up!"

How hard was it being away from your family?

AT: "That was definitely the toughest bit for me. We were away for three and a half weeks, literally in the middle of nowhere. I'd gone from being locked down with my family, spending every day with them, and then not being able to see them. I was literally so far out of my comfort zone, in a rowing boat, with a bunch of celebrities I'd never met before! But we created our own little family in a way, that's definitely what got me through. It was nice to have a shoulder to cry on - and there was loads of shoulders that I did cry on!"

Craig Charles, Victoria Pendleton and Jodie Kidd begin the race in the Red Crew boat

All at sea: Craig, Victoria and Jodie stick their oars in (Photo: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

How do you think your brothers, Ryan and Scott, would have got on with this challenge?

AT: "They wouldn't have a chance in hell, I'll be honest! Saying that, Ryan has done The Island [With Bear Grylls] and he was unbelievable on that, but  I think they'll see how hard this is. I think, if push comes to shove, Ryan could do a good job because he's one of those that likes to push himself, but Scott? No chance."

Has it put you off ever getting in a boat again?

AT: "I'd never get on a rowing boat again, put it that way! A yacht, yeah, I'd get on a yacht any day of the week, but a rowing boat? I'm done. This was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences - and one I'll never want to do again!"

Don't Rock The Boat begins on ITV on Monday 2nd November at 9pm.

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