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Attack secret! Victoria Barton reveals THIS bombsell in Emmerdale, says star

Victoria Barton in Emmerdale

Isabel Hodgins on Victoria’s decision to keep her baby

The trauma of Victoria Barton’s recent rape ordeal in Emmerdale was quickly followed by the chef’s shock discovery that her attacker, Lee, had got her pregnant.

Stepmum Diane and brother Robert have since believed a termination is the best option. So they’re stunned when, next week in the ITV soap, Victoria tells them that she is, in fact, keeping the baby.

“Robert is like, ‘It’s your rapist’s baby,’ but Victoria’s like, ‘No, it’s my baby,’” explains Isabel Hodgins, who plays Vic.

“Being a mum is all she has wanted for so long. She wouldn’t admit it to herself, but as soon as she discovered she was pregnant, I think she knew what she was going to do.”

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Victoria shocks Diane and Robert in Emmerdale

Stunned... Diane and Robert find out Victoria's news in Emmerdale next week

While Diane decides she must respect Vic’s decision, Robert’s a different kettle of fish, and can’t get his head around it. Diane tries to reassure Vic that he might change his mind, but when the siblings run into one another, a distressed Robert is unable to give his support.

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“It puts a bit of distance between them, because Robert’s just upsetting her,” adds Isabel. “She’s saying, ‘I can’t do this without my brother,’ but it’s difficult when this has happened to his little sister.”

Over at The Woolpack, Marlon still has no idea of what’s going on with his colleague, who has been mysteriously “off sick” for weeks. He’s floored as Vic tells him that she was raped in her own home by a lad she met on a night out.

Matty, Chas, Ellis and Charity are equally horrified when word gets round in Emmerdale. Can they rally together and help Vic face the future?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.