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Beat the Chasers fans 'devastated' as student misses £100k by a second

Beat the Chasers
(Image credit: Kieron McCarron)

Masters Student Rahim fell agonisingly short of winning a life changing amount of money tonight on Beat the Chasers

Beat the Chasers saw heartbreak tonight for one contestant as they were just one second away from going home with £100,000.

Masters student Rahim had told host Bradley Walsh that he wanted the money for a trip to the Seychelles.

And the plucky contestant decided to take on all five chasers after being offered £100,000 by Mark “The Beast” Labbett.

The chasers were in all sorts of trouble as Rahim belted out a string of correct answers and he seemed to have the money in the bag.

Rahim got himself into the amazing position where he had 20 seconds left on the clock, while the chasers had only one second left.

His tactic throughout had been to quickly say "pass" to any question he didn’t know. But suddenly, on the verge of victory, Rahim couldn’t find a right answer and agonisingly watched as the 20 seconds ticked away.

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Fans could barely watch. One viewer tweeted: "Watching Rahim lose £100k with one second left tells me 2021 ain’t going to be any better…”

“Cannot believe Rahim could have won £100,000 and the Chasers only had one second on the clock. Absolutely gutted for him,” added another.

One fan tweeted:“I’ve never been more gutted than watching Rahim fail to beat the chasers. Honestly, let’s crowdfund and give the guy 50k I don’t even care.”

Another wrote: “Absolutely devastated for Rahim”.

TV tonight Beat the Chasers

The Chasers looked like they were going to be defeated by Rahim tonight

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Poor Rahim didn’t know quite what to say, while Bradley looked gutted for him. “A hundred grand gone in one second,” sighed Bradley.

Earlier in proceedings the pair had been enjoying some great banter together.

Beat The Chasers continues on ITV on Monday night at 9pm (see our TV Guide for full listings].