Benidorm's Johnny Vegas: 'Geoff's turned a corner... He's not such an idiot!'

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Johnny Vegas is back in Benidorm soon, and the Maltby family have some big questions to answer…

Benidorm’s most unlikely holidaying family, The Maltbys, arrive back at the Solana again on April 5 (ITV, 9pm), but all is not well within the crazy clan.

"There’s still a lot of friction between them," explained Johnny Vegas who plays Geoff. "As they get caught up in so much strife and mayhem, they never get much chance to bond."

Pauline (Selina Griffith) has been throwing up since she got off the plane. Her family knows she’s a drunk who’s disgraced herself in the Spanish resort in the past, but she insists to her elderly mum Noreen (Elsie Kelly) and brother Geoff that she’s not touched a drink for months.

Geoff, however, thinks he’s worked out what’s up with Pauline. He’s sure his sister – who’s just started dating a mystery man called Malcolm - must be pregnant! Geoff confides in Noreen, but then the daft mum and son fret about saying something to someone as tempestuous as Pauline. Could she really be pregnant?

"How Pauline acts, pushes Geoff a lot closer to his mum," said Johnny. "Geoff has turned a bit of a corner now. He’s not such an idiot. He’s got over the fact he was adopted, and likes to be part of the family unit. Normally in Benidorm it’s 'What are we going to do about Geoff?' Now it’s 'What are we going to do about Pauline?' Her problems have overtaken his."

Johnny and Elsie....have been in Benidorm since the very start

Johnny and Elsie....have been in Benidorm since the very start (Image credit: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)


Off screen all is hunky dory between Johnny, Selina and Elsie and they all love their time in Benidorm together! And Johnny loves how the show is just the same as when he joined the first series.

“You venture off and it showcases different bits of Benidorm, but it hasn’t moved from the original model of most things happening poolside or in the bar. We haven’t suddenly took it off and put everybody on a cruise ship. There’s some SAGA love sites out there where men of a certain age are still waiting to see Elsie in a bikini!"

Elsie replies: "I made one or two rules when I first came. I don’t go near water other than to bathe…"

Benidorm continues every Wednesday, ITV, at 9pm


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