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Benidorm’s Josh Bolt: ‘Rob’s turned into a bit of a lad!’

As Rob Dawson and his crazy family head back to the Solana for the new series of Benidorm, Josh Bolt reveals what’s in store…

What’s On TV met Josh Bolt for a chat around the Solana pool as he was filming the new series of Benidorm (starts March 1, ITV, 9pm). There’s been a bit of change in Rob this time around, so Josh told us more about Rob's laddish antics in the Spanish resort…

Does Rob still get caught up in all the rifts in his bickering family? “It’s quite nice for me this year because Rob’s had a complete change, almost 360 degrees. Last year he was a ‘Peter Perfect’ and had this little comb over hairstyle, looked after his little sister, read his books and went to university. Now he’s been to uni, had a full year of going a bit mental and he’s turned into a lad. He goes after girls and gets drunk, and is quite stroppy and sarcastic. It’s quite nice for me to play because last year it was the exact opposite.”

Rob with parents Sheron and Billy

Rob with parents Sheron and Billy

Rob had a bit success with girls last year, so is it the same in this series? “He’s sort of trying really really hard this year but failing. No idea why! But he’s really struggling.”

Is he getting up to mischief with Tiger and Joey? “Yes, there’s a lot of mischief. They’re leading him astray. They go out and get horrendously drunk in one of the episodes and all end up in bed together. All the boys, so I’ll leave that with you!”

And you get singer George Shelley guest starring in a later episode as one of Rob’s university friends, Giles…how was that? “It was good fun. He was really nervous, but he was absolutely lovely, a complete gentleman. It was sound, he was a good laugh.”

Does Giles go out and get drunk with Rob? “He helps Rob out. He’s sort of playing the middle class uni friend. But the running gag this year is that Rob’s parents Sheron and Billy are convinced he’s gay as they find him in bed with Tiger and Joey. Then Giles is on a stag do dressed in YMCA gear and he helps Rob up to his room!”

Is there more dressing up this series, and more karaoke? “We do dress up. Tiger and Joey dress up. I’m trying to think what we do. We were nuns last year. That was hot.”

And you got to hit Shane Richie last year as well… “Yeah but his slimy character had it coming didn’t he?”

* Benidorm begins on ITV, Wednesday March 1, at 9pm