Bob Odenkirk: 'I feel like I'm in The Beatles!'

Bob Odenkirk has likened the hype around Breaking Bad to Beatlemania.

The 52-year-old comedian, who starred in the hit show as dodgy lawyer Saul Goodman, has reprised the role in new spin-off show Better Call Saul, and admitted the fan reaction is a little overwhelming.

Bob revealed: “It’s the TV cable version of The Beatles. People go crazy! They go nuts, and especially if you’re attending any kind of fan event, where they know you’ll be there. The fans are lined up a couple of rows deep.

“I feel bad, because I want to say hello to each person and sign whatever it is they have. But you cannot do that, otherwise I wouldn’t be here – I’d be outside right now!”

Following the huge success of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul became the highest-rated cable debut in US TV history, after it launched this month.

Bob admitted: “It’s hard to take it all in.”

“I’m thankful that people have been open-minded about it, because people loved Breaking Bad so much. And when people love something like that, they want to protect it, you know what I mean.

“We felt the same way, all the people who worked on Breaking Bad, and so we were very careful about even choosing to do this show.

“But once we did, all we could do is our best work, and it’s amazing that the audience seems to be open-minded to seeing what we came up with.”

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