Bobby Lockwood: I’m proud to have been part of Casualty

Moments before his interview Leon discovers he's competing with Iain
Suited and booted out? Moments before his interview Leon discovers he's competing with Iain (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty favourite Leon Cook makes a shock exit this week. Actor Bobby Lockwood reveals more

Casualty paramedic Leon Cook has been a lovely addition to Holby ED’s ambulance crew. Unfortunately Leon’s time with the Holby team is cut short this week, after he applies for a permanent job with Jan Jenning and her merry medics.

Enthusiastic Leon wants nothing more than to become a part of the family, but the shock revelation that more experienced medic Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) is also interviewing for the job leaves Leon convinced his days in Holby are numbered. And, sadly, he’s not wrong, as this Saturday’s Casualty sees Leon hanging up his green uniform and moving to London.

Casualty star Bobby Lockwook teases what’s in store for Leon this week and reveals why Casualty is a wonderful place to work…

What do you love about playing Leon?

Bobby Lockwood: "I love the lightness that Leon brings. He understands the seriousness and the impact of his job, and yet wants to do it with a smile and chatting to everyone and their gran along the way."

Do you think he’s improved as a paramedic since joining earlier this year?

BL: "Although he struggled initially with the stress that being a paramedic brings, Leon has quickly learned the ropes and is stepping up. He really loves being a paramedic!"

What do you think sets the paramedic team apart on Casualty?

BL: "They’re the team that gets into the thick of the action! Like a superhero bursting onto the scene, the paramedics are the first step in getting help. They’re often involved in some bizarre situations in wild locations. It’s great fun to shoot!"

What would be your dream Casualty storyline?

BL: "I would love to see all the sides to Leon’s character, to get to know how he is when he doesn’t have someone’s ear to chew off! Plus a big explosion, you know, because!"

What can you tease about Leon’s exit from Casualty?

BL: "Being a paramedic is Leon’s dream job, it’s all he’s ever wanted to do. Unfortunately he has the tendency to jump into things and not necessarily think everything through. With Iain arriving there could be questions asked about Leon’s experience in the role…"

What has working on Casualty meant to you?

BL: "Representing the real heroes of our NHS, in this moment particularly, is a real privilege. I’ve really loved working with everyone at Casualty, in front and behind the camera. I’m very proud to have been a part of it!"

Watch Leon’s exit from Casualty on BBC1 on Saturday 1 May 2021 at 8.20pm.


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