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Bodyguard spoilers: Why does Julia’s fuming ex-assistant Chanel make a shock return this Sunday?

Bodyguard spoilers: Why does Julia’s disgruntled ex-assistant Chanel make a shock return this Sunday?
(Image credit: BBC/Drama Republic/Des Willie)

Chanel Dyson flirts with David Budd in Sunday's episode - why is she back? Surely she's after more than a date!

Bodyguard fans everywhere are trying to work out who was involved in blowing up Home Secretary Julia Montague, and in a surprise twist, her former assistant Chanel Dyson, who was fired in the first episode, makes a reappearance in Sunday’s episode, we can reveal.

Chanel, who was sacked for incompetence, tracks down protection officer David Budd (Richard Madden) and begins to flirt with him.

Richard Madden as troubled security officer David Budd

David quizzes DS Rayburn in Sundays episode - could the police have been involved in Julia's death?

But, what’s motivating Chanel? She hated Julia so much that she tried to rubbish her to a disinterested journalist and some fans are beginning to wonder if she was involved in the plot to kill Julia.

Richard Madden explains that David won’t take anyone at face value, saying: “David is suspicious of everybody. But that’s his job! There are so many theories and counter-theories going on in this drama, viewers will be kept guessing.”

How will David react to Chanel coming on to him? Will he suspect she’s somehow involved?

Meanwhile, David also suspects the involvement of Julia’s ex-husband and government Chief Whip, Roger Penhaligon, who’d become her political enemy.

David will also be seen in Sunday’s episode continuing to try to discover the true identity of the mysterious “Richard Longcross,” who Julia met with shortly before her death.

Bodyguard continues on Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm.