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Call the Midwife star Helen George: 'It wasn’t right for Trixie to be pregnant too so there was a lot of sitting down and wearing capes to cover the bump as I got larger!'

Helen George
(Image credit: BBC/Neal Street productions)

Call the Midwife actress Helen George reveals all about real-life motherhood and the return of the hit drama

As Call the Midwife’s stylish nurse Trixie Franklin, Helen George has delivered numerous babies over the years. However, last autumn saw her give birth to her own little bundle of joy – daughter Wren Ivy – with her partner and co-star Jack Ashton.

Here, Helen George tells TV Times about her special delivery and the return of Call the Midwife…

TV Times: How did you cover up the bump during filming?!

Helen George: “It wasn’t right for Trixie to be pregnant too so there was a lot of sitting down and wearing capes to cover the bump as I got larger!”

TVT Did being on the show stand you in good stead for giving birth and being a mum?

HG: “It was interesting doing these storylines knowing I was about to become a mum. I’d been so well-educated by the show that I could make an informed decision about what I wanted but although you think you know everything about babies because we’ve learned all about midwifery, you soon realise you don’t know anything - it’s hard work!”

TVT The new series of Call the Midwife see the arrival of the show's first West Indian midwife Lucille Anderson (Leonie Elliott). How does she fit in?

HG: "Trixie works with her in the first episode and she’s impressed by this young midwife who knows exactly what she is doing and is fierce, strong and confident. But Lucille really gets thrown into things because she is also dealing with a bladder infection of her own."

TVT How are things going for Trixie’s relationship with her dentist boyfriend Christopher (Jack Hawkins)?

HG: "This series is about developments in her relationship. There is a fun side to the story but you’re not going to see awkward sex scenes - thank goodness! But we also see the impact of the fact that he is a divorced dad with a young daughter."

TVT Will we see Trixie deal with her alcoholism again?

HG: “Yes Trixie faces her on-going struggle with alcoholism again and her sobriety is challenged… She is always struggling but it is just you don't often see it. There is always a game face on when she is at work.”

Call the Midwife returns on Sunday 21st January at 8pm on BBC1

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