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Channel 4 gives TFI Friday full series after successful return

(Image credit: multiple sources)

Channel 4 today confirmed it's bringing back Chris Evans' classic 1990s series TFI Friday in the autumn.

TFI Friday returned for a one-off special earlier in June and Channel 4 says its peak audience of 4.2 million viewers easily beat its main competitors.

Chris Evans said: “Oh my goodness, are we really going to get to do this again? Looks like it - and leading into Christmas too. I might actually spontaneously explode on live television due to over- excitedness. Does that still count as unpredictable cos I've said it now?”

Jay Hunt, Channel 4’s Creative Officer, said; “Chris is the best of the best of live broadcasters and I never doubted for a moment that this TFI would live up to expectations. Confirming a series was a no brainer”.

The show which mixes live music with celebrity guest interviews and madcap features was a big hit in the Nineties. The one-off special was meant to commemorate its 20th anniversary, however it was only its 19th anniversary and it now appears the special was a ploy by Channel 4 to test the public's appetite for a new series.

TFI Friday will return for eight episodes.