Charles Venn: There’s a big body count in Casualty’s 30th anniversary (VIDEO)

Jacob Masters Casualty
Jacob Masters Casualty (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty star Charles Venn reveals the death toll will be high in Casualty’s 30th Anniversary episode…

As things stand in Casualty, Connie and Grace have plummeted over a cliff and no one, except their crazed attacker Steph, knows what’s happened.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital senior nurse Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) is helping prepare for a surprise celebration of Charlie Fairhead’s 30 years at Holby ED when an unprecedented disaster strikes. We can’t say much more at the moment, so we quizzed Charles Venn for answers instead…

Speaking about the catastrophe about hit Casualty during the 30th Anniversary episode, Charles reveals Jacob’s going to spring into action: “He’s going to try his best. He’s going do what comes instinctive to anyone who feels their family is in danger. He’s going to go above and beyond the call of duty to try and save these people who he loves dearly.”

And it turns out, Jacob doing his best, involves high octane stunts for Charles…

“It was amazing to film. I’m living the dream. I always wanted to be a stunt man… For me, I was born to do this… I plan on playing the first James Bond, I’m putting that out there!” laughs Charles, who adds:

“When and wherever I get the opportunity to do my own stunts I’m game. And I’ve been blessed and fortunate, and thankful to Casualty, that they’ve entrusted me with doing that. Numerous times they’ve had stunt men at the ready and I’ve left them seated!

“In the 30th Anniversary episode I get to do a number of my own stunts – and the more the merrier. Long may it continue!”

But with so much at stake in the feature-length anniversary episode, is Charles’ time on the long-running medical drama running out?

“You never know, it’s true. There is a big, big body count, definitely!”

What a tease! To see the anniversary episode action tune into BBC1 on August 27th

Jacob Masters payed by Charles Venn

Will brave nurse Jacob be among the dead in Casualty's 30th anniversary special?(C) BBC (Image credit: BBC/Des Willie/Matthew Burlem)

For the full interview watch the video above

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