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Chuckle Brothers getting a brand new TV show! 'Too me...'

Chuckle Brothers getting a brand new TV show! 'Too me...'
(Image credit: David Bagnall/REX/Shutterstock)

They're back!

Fans of ChuckleVision will be delighted to hear that the Chuckle Brothers are returning to telly with their own show on Channel 5.

Barry, 73, and Paul, 70, will front new Saturday teatime series, Chuckle Time, which will see them performing sketches and introducing funny clips from the internet.

The 12-part series is the first time that the pair have had their own show on telly since ChuckleVision finished in 2009.

Mind you the Chuckle Brothers have popped up plenty of times since 2009, most recently making a guest appearance in Benidorm as a magician and his assistant (pictured below in Benidorm).

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They’ve also appeared together on Pointless Celebrities and they were in an episode of Josh Widdicombe’s comedy Josh, where they tormented his character with their catchphrase, “To Me… To You…”. Barry has also been in the David Jason comedy Still Open All Hours.

Originally It was actually Barry and Paul’s older siblings Jimmy and Brian who began performing as a comedy duo, The Patton Brothers, way back in 1954!

The four brothers then appeared together as the Chuckle Brothers in the 80s, before Paul and Barry found kids’ TV fame as a duo with The Chucklehounds in 1985 and then ChuckleVision.

Main pic: David Bagnall/REX/Shutterstock