Coronation Street fans want THIS new twist in the Stephen Reid killer storyline

Stephen watches as Teddy is struck by a van in Coronation Street.
Coronation Street fans have been watching Stephen get away with murder. (Image credit: ITYV)

Coronation Street's Stephen Reid has been getting away with murder — quite literally — and fans have had enough.

In a new twist, viewers reckon it's time the cobbles villain got his comeuppance, and the sooner the better.

Will Stephen get caught out or just carry on killing?

Stephen knows Teddy is close to the truth

Coronation Street fans have been watching Stephen get away with murder. (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen’s scheming has ramped up on Coronation Street in recent weeks as he’s gone to increasingly desperate lengths to repay the huge debt he owes to his ex-wife Gabrielle.

After considering bumping off Audrey for the inheritance, Stephen is now working on a new project — fleecing Tim Metcalfe’s mum, Elaine.

And on top of all that he’s been trying to conceal the fact he’s a murderer.

Stephen Reid is desperate to hide his lies.

Stephen murdered builder Leo after he rumbled his crimes. (Image credit: ITV)

Stephen killed Jenny Connor’s fiancé Leo Thompkins back in September by throwing him over the balcony of Underworld.

Leo had worked out Stephen was trying to steal a substantial amount of money from Audrey and was ready to tell the Platt family everything.

Despite having never committed murder before, Stephen knew exactly what to do next.

After disposing of the body and burning his belongings, he sent text messages to Jenny and Leo’s dad Teddy, making out Leo had moved to Canada and didn’t want them to contact him.

Teddy Thompkins is hit by a van!

Teddy was run over by a van before he could expose Stephen. (Image credit: ITV)

But secrets don’t stay buried in Soapland forever.

Stephen’s web of lies and deceit started to unravel when Teddy returned to Weatherfield and revealed Leo had never arrived in Canada.

He also let slip he had credible evidence the texts from ‘Leo’ were sent from the cobbles.

Stephen tried to stop Teddy from sharing his findings with Jenny, but the guilt was written all over his face.

But before Teddy could do anything about it, he was hit by a van and left lying unconscious on the cobbles.

How very convenient!

Following the shock incident, Corrie fans took to social media demanding an end to Stephen's storyline...

Many will be hoping Teddy survives and will be the one to bring Stephen to justice.

But there's also a strong possibility he'll become the ruthless Reid's next victim.

Could Stephen start racking up a body count?

Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm.

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