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Coronation Street star Alex Bain says his role as Simon Barlow has helped him through 'dark times'

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Coronation Street favourite Alex has opened up about how his role as Simon helped him through his struggles at school and how his daughter, Lydia, has got him through lockdown...

Coronation Street star Alex Bain has opened up about what is was like growing up in front of the nation as Weatherfield's Simon Barlow.

The 19-year-old actor, who has been in Coronation Street for the last 12 years, has admitted that it wasn't always easy to juggle his filming schedule with school work, but that he had very supportive teachers who helped.

Nick Tilsley, Ken Barlow, Leanne Tilsley, Simon Barlow

Alex has credited his role on Coronation Street for getting him through some hard times (Picture: ITV)

We caught up with Alex for a chat about life in the Coronation Street cast, and he admitted that his role on the soap has helped him through some hard times...

"I went through quite a few tough times when I was at school, even from primary school, being the only male dancer there, kids can be horrible. They can truthfully be horrible.

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"I never saw it as bullying, but that was a lack of awareness at the time. I had a situation at school and it affected me.

Leanne Battersby in Coronation Street

Alex has played Simon Barlow for more than a decade (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

"I have struggled with mental health, but I'm open about it and I talk about it all the time.

"But I've been through some dark times, and if I hadn't stuck at the job I'm in now I would have been lost. Corrie has kept me going."

Family first 

As well as his work at Coronation Street, Alex also credited his family for helping him through any rocky patches, including his daughter Lydia-Rose, who was born when Alex was 17 and dating then girlfriend Levi Selby.

Alex has since split from Levi and he is now in a relationship with dancer Mollie, who he says has been a lifeline for him throughout lockdown.

"Having my daughter Lydia has kept me going, we've just been constantly watching films here at my house, so it's great.

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"I've also got a wonderful girlfriend, Mollie, and she's always been there for me, because she's struggled as well. She's a performer, too.

"My family have always been great and have always looked after me. They just said 'you go in your own lane, don't listen to what people say, because they're the people who are jealous of what you have got'.

"It has been a struggle over the years but now I'm on the up."

Helping others 

Alex also revealed that fans often open up to him about their own problems, especially if they're going through something similar to Simon on screen...

Coronation Street Simon finds Leanne Battersby unconscious

Alex's character Simon is currently caught up in a huge storyline on Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

"People always get in touch and tell me their problems.

I always say that if I can help one person through my portrayal of Simon then I have done my job properly."

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