Corrie star reveals why she sometimes finds this part of the show 'very difficult'

Kate Ford
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There's one aspect of the soap she really struggles with...

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford has admitted that she finds some of the lines her character Tracy Barlow has are very 'hard' to say.

The soap legend has starred on the soap for over 15 years now - and plays one of Corrie's best, and most well-loved villains.

But despite the dramatic storylines, Kate has confessed that she often struggles to voice Tracey's more controversial lines out loud.

Speaking to the Express, she admitted, "Some of the stuff she says is outrageous, I think, 'Oh my God!'"

"Sometimes I don't even want to say it. Especially with the mental health stuff, when she's talking about people with depression and she's really disparaging – that's hard."

Giving some specific examples, Tracey revealed, "When Sally's sister Gina was diagnosed as being bipolar, Tracy was saying she was a looney. Things like that I find very difficult to say."

However, the actress went on to say that she has a way of dealing with the difficult lines.

She admitted that she often needs to remind herself, "it's not me saying it and there are people like Tracy and I guess it's important that we address the reality of it".

However, despite Tracy's penchant for causing havoc, it looks as though viewers may be about to see a more romantic side to the character.

Reportedly, Tracy will face a shock proposal from boyfriend Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) next week.

Tracy Barlow Steve McDonald

It's thought that hapless taxi driver Steve will propose right in the middle of the street, stunning both girlfriend Tracy and himself!

She admitted, "Tracy is delighted, but I think Steve shocks himself; he can’t believe he’s said it, but he can’t take it back!”

So will things all go to plan for the confused couple? Or will Tracy actually get the wedding of her dreams?

Coronation Street returns on Monday 25th June, ITV, at 8pm.

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