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Couch Potato’s Tuesday Trivia: What the Queen thought of The King’s Speech

Since it's currently Jubilee Weekend, today's trivia really does has to have a royal theme doesn't it?

And luckily The King's Speech is showing on TV today, so what better subject could there be than the question of what Her Majesty thought of this award-winning movie.

Well, apparently, according to reports, when the Queen viewed the film at a private screening at Sandringham she found it both 'moving' and 'enjoyable'.

Amusingly, this news led stars Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth to joke about whether such glowing praise would make its way onto the film's poster -  something along the lines of 'Dazzling' New York Times. 'Moved' Her Majesty.

Rush was also quoted as saying: "We've been joking that the Queen is probably on Netflix and she's got a whole back-up list of The Madness of King George and Alfred the Great and gets them out every couple of months. "

The King's Speech is showing tonight - Tuesday 5th June - on Sky Movies Drama/Romance at 8pm.

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