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Couch Potato's Tuesday Teaser: Which duo didn't like the way Confetti turned out?

Brit comedy flick Confetti is an amusing mockumentary romp through the trials and tribulations of three couples competing for a prize for the Most Original Wedding run by a bridal magazine. It stars a delicious pick n' mix of fave Brit comedy stars,  including Gavin & Stacey's Alison Steadman, The Office's Martin Freeman, Twenty Twelve's Jessica Hines and Olivia Colman, Miranda's Sarah Hadland, Peep Show's Robert Webb… you get the picture - a proper selection box of talent!

So anyway, in the movie there are three couples:

The tennis obsessives The all-singing all-dancing Busby Berkeley nuts The naturists

And it was the naturist scenes that caused the problem, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of stars Robert Webb and Olivia Colman. Apparently they were told that their naughty bits in the nude scenes would be pixelated for the final film, but to their dismay this didn't happen. Both have subsequently had a good old moan about the movie, with Webb describing it as  'an overwhelming mess' and Colman dismissing it as ' the worst experience'.

In my opinion, the film's a hoot - a hoot with a heart in fact. I love it. But I guess you have to feel for these two actors if they didn't quite get what they were expecting. Oh well, they've both soared to stardom since, so it didn't do either of their careers any harm.

Confetti is showing tonight - Tuesday 25th September - on BBC1 at 11.45pm

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