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Craig Revel Horwood - things you didn't know about the Strictly Come Dancing judge

Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood
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Craig Revel Horwood isn't just a Strictly judge, he is also an amazing singer, choreographer, dancer, author and conductor! Here is everything you need to know...

Craig Revel Horwood has become a household name thanks to his strict critique and ability to spot an 'illegal lift' while appearing on the judging panel for Strictly Comer Dancing.

But it's not just Craig's a-ma-zing (sorry, we couldn't resist!) judging that has got him to where he is today. He is also an award-winning choreographer and a West End star.

Now Craig is back for Strictly Come Dancing 2020 and the show just wouldn't be the same without him.

But what else is there to know about the man behind the sparkly suits?

Most fans of the judge might know that:

  • He has been a judge on Dancing with the Stars in New Zealand and Australia
  • He's an excellent singer and has performed songs from some of the biggest musicals
  • He is a pantomime favourite and often plays the role of the baddie - usually in drag

But what else do we know about Craig Revel Horwood? Here are several things you probably don't know...

1. He discovered his passion for dancing at school 

Craig Revel Horwood explores his family’s history in Australia

Craig was born in Australia (Picture: BBC)

Craig is now an award-winning choreographer and has performed in some of the biggest shows in the world but his love affair with dance started with keep-fit classes. He told Daily Mail "A girl in the school orchestra called Amanda suggested I got to exercise classes with her. I thought they were going to be Jane Fonda workouts, but it was jazz ballet. I fell in love with it and decided I wanted to be a dancer."

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2. He holds a very special Strictly Come Dancing record

Craig Revel Horwood

Craig is a record-breaking judge on Strictly Come Dancing (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Craig might have been dubbed the mean one on the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel, but everyone loves to hate his 'Mr Nasty' persona and we can't help but relish the fact he tells it like it is. But being honest has earned Craig a special award, because he is the only Strictly judge to have appeared in every episode of the series since it began in 2004.

3. You can have his voice as your ringtone! 

Over the years Craig has become famous for his catchphrases on Strictly, and he is renowned for exaggerating his vowels in a dramatic way. His famous one-liners "It was a complete di-sah-ster, darling", "Three words: Fab-u-lous" and "That was ah-ma-zing" are all available as ringtones through his website, with all the profits going to the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

4.  He's an excellent chef

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Dancing isn't the only talent that Craig has been gifted with, he is also a brilliant cook. Back in 2007 he appeared on Celebrity MasterChef and reached the final after impressing the judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace with his culinary skills.

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5. He's still friends with his ex wife

Craig is now engaged to his horticulturist partner Jonathan Myring, but in 1990 Craig married his wife, Jane, and the pair planned to have a family. "I was both gay and straight, but being bisexual wasn't a big issue for me or her." The marriage ended after just two and a half years when Jane met someone else... but the pair remain friends. "Jane runs my website. We go on holidays together, it's amazing." Craig told Daily Mail.

6.  He would love to be a dad

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With a wedding on the horizon, Craig has admitted that he and future husband Jonathan would love to have a family one day. The Strictly judge told OK! Magazine: "If we did become parents I think we would definitely adopt rather than go down the surrogacy route as there are so many children out there who need a home. But I'm no spring chicken, darling, so we might have to adopt kids that are old enough to push me around in a wheelchair!"

7.  He's got his own vineyard

Craig and fiancé Jonathan are currently growing their own vineyard at the country house they share in Hampshire, and they would love to have a garden wedding in the seven acres of land they have. Craig revealed to OK!: "I don't want a big, splashy, massive wedding. I would be nice to have something intimate for ourselves and very close friends and family."

Craig Revel Horwood's Fact File 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the dancer...

How old is he?

Craig Revel Horwood's age is 55, he was born on 4 January 1965.

Is he married? 

Craig Revel Horwood got engaged to partner Jonathan Myring in March 2020.

Does he have kids?

Craig Revel Horwood doesn't have any children but has said he would love to adopt.

Where was he born?

Craig Revel Horwood was born in, Ballarat, Victoria in Australia.

Twitter: @CraigRevHorwood

Instagram: @craigrevel

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