Daisy Waterstone: ‘Margo’s brave... she’s still boy-mad but maturing quickly!'

Margo in The Durrells

Daisy Waterstone reveals what’s in store in The Durrells finale this Sunday...

The Durrells has easily become must-see family TV since it took root in our schedules in 2016. Since then it’s taken on a life of it’s own, with writer Simon Nye, and The Durrells characters - including loveable Margo (Daisy Waterstone) - bringing a burst of sunshine into our living rooms on dreary Sunday evenings.

As series three of the warm retelling of Gerald Durrell’s Corfu recollections draws to a close this week, matters of the heart are foremost. Matriarch Louisa (Keeley Hawes) and taxi driver Spiro (Alexis Georgoulis) are on the verge of a starting a passionate relationship and Margo and boyfriend Zoltan (Merch Husey) have a big decision to make, while Leslie (Callum Woodhouse) faces a heart-wrenching dilemma. Thankfully, there’s also fun to be had as the circus comes to Corfu!

Here Daisy Waterstone, 23, who plays Margo in The Durrells, gives an exclusive look at what’s in store…

Margo gets involved with a travelling circus in the finale, what was that like to film?

"Oh it was really great fun! When the circus arrives, Margo just loves it. She’s immediately very intrigued. Louisa suggests Margo does an act for them and she forms a very close bond with the circus leader, Dragan the Ringmaster. He helps her come out of her shell. It was so great to perform with a circus all day!"

What can you reveal about Margo’s act?

"Well she finds magic as a talent but she also does something surprising that I won’t get to do in another job, it's one for the record books and both Derren Brown and I have done it now! The circus scenes and doing magic have been my favourite moments of the year. Margo’s circus outfit is my favourite costume so far too. It’s very me, I’m really into gender-neutral clothes."

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Acting up: Margo Durrell is a natural circus performer

Do you think Margo is a good role model?

"I think she is; she doesn’t really care about what people think. She enjoys her flaws and allows herself to make mistakes. Margo’s a very brave character. She’s tough but allows herself to be emotional as well and she’s still boy-mad but maturing quickly. I feel a lot more comfortable in her skin. The other great thing is she’s incredibly dramatic, everything’s the end of the world but she bounces out of it quickly. Teenage girls contact me on Instagram and say they feel like Margo is a part of them, which is nice."

What do you enjoy about her relationship with Zoltan?

"Zoltan has been a big part of Margo growing up this year. She’s very relaxed around him. Whereas in the first two series Margo really worried about what men thought of her, Zoltan and Margo have really helped each other grow, which is what first loves do."

Daisy with co-stars Callum Woodhouse (Leslie) and Milo Parker (Gerry)

Daisy with co-stars Callum Woodhouse (Leslie) and Milo Parker (Gerry)

What can you reveal about Louisa and Spiro’s budding romance?

"It’s a mindblower I think. Everyone wants it to happen, but it’s not quite there. I’ve really enjoyed the drama of it and think it’s been done in the best way…"

What else can we expect in the finale?

"There’s tension between Leslie and Daphne [Elli Tringou]. They’ve slowly started to fall in love but there’s such a pressure because she’s pregnant. Almost everyone’s getting their heart broken though, apart from, Larry [Josh O’Connor], who’s just a maverick, and Gerry [Milo Parker], who has got his animals!"

Has this been your favourite series of The Durrells so far?

"Yes, the moment I got the scripts through, I thought this was the best series we’ve ever done. There’s been a lot more depth to the storylines. They’re more ambitious, there’s more going on and it’s more engaging, compelling and colourful."

Would you be up for a fourth series?

"Absolutely! I’d love to. I’m confident the story can continue and I know Simon Nye has so many things up his sleeve, so I’d be happy to do another series. The Durrells has changed my life. It’s made me more confident with acting. I realise this is what I want to do in my life."

The Durrells concludes on ITV this Sunday. at 8pm.

Pic of Daisy with co-stars: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

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