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Dan Cohen: ‘My Mad Fat Diary is crammed full of embarrassing stuff!’ (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Rory Lindsay)

My Mad Fat Diary stars Dan Cohen and Faye Marsay reveal the final series of the teenage-themed drama occasionally leaves them a little-red faced…

Dan Cohen, who plays Archie, said: “I get embarrassed by the storylines but in a good way – the same way Archie would. I get very embarrassed easily anyway. Even as an adult, anything to do with sex or sexuality, most people do blush a bit.”

This series fans of My Mad Fat Diary will see main character Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney), embark on ‘Project Archie’, as she’s determined to help him lose his virginity before he leaves for university.

Dan, 23, said he relished the juicy storyline: “The series is crammed full of stuff that’s designed to embarrass you! That’s what the show’s about, the stuff that embarrasses you as a teenager. When I get the scripts I think ‘the more embarrassing the stuff the better.’ That’s the meat of it. There are few things I flick through and think ‘oh God!’”

Faye, who plays newcomer Katie Springer, added that despite appearing in a host of popular British dramas, she’s still able to use the Tube without being recognised: “I usually look so different in these shows – in Pride I’d bright orange hair and my head was shaved, so no one ever recognises me from that. The ones I get recognised for are Fresh Meat or Doctor Who… It’s quite nice [not being recognised] because I get quite shy about all that kind of stuff!”

For the full interview watch the video, above. "]

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My Mad Fat Diary screens on E4 each Monday.