Darren Boyd: 'We had some awkward conversations on Delivery Man'

Darren Boyd has said there were some tricky conversations on the set of his new TV series about a delivery ward as he needed coaching in how to pronounce some of the more intimate terms.

The actor, who has had roles in Fortitude and Green Wing, plays a former police constable who has retrained as a midwife in ITV comedy The Delivery Man.

He explained: “I do remember a far too long conversation about whether ‘vaginal’ was pronounced vag-in-al or vag-eye-nal.

The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man (ITV)

“You stand around with producers, someone’s on Google checking, someone’s calling back to the office [to ask how it's pronounced], and sometimes you sit back and go, ‘This is quite unique…’.”

He said of his character, Matthew: “It’s lovely that Matthew’s very sincere about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. It would have been too obvious, I think, to have jokes at him being clumsy and being awkward as a man. All his dealings with the mums-to-be are done really nicely.”

Darren also said that he had enjoyed doing a variety of different projects over the last few years and finding the roles he enjoyed the most.

The Delivery Man

Paddy McGuinness and Darren Boyd star in The Delivery Man (ITV)

He said: “The last two or three years for me have really been about me pushing forward with interesting and hopefully diverse output. I was very proud to be part of Fortitude, and it’s getting fantastic feedback.

“From my early days, I went wherever someone would open a door, I sort of leapt through. It’s taken me some time to work out what’s important to me and what matters to me, and see that fruition.

“I want to walk that line between pushing people’s ideas of what I might be doing next and challenging it.”

The Delivery Man starts on ITV on Wednesday 15 April at 9.30pm.

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