'Death in Paradise' star Joséphine Jobert reveals if she'd return

Florence Cassell in Death in Paradise
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Death in Paradise season 11 fans were devastated when DS Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) left the series after agreeing to an undercover mission in Jamaica, where she posed as drug-trafficker Miranda Priestley's (Victoria Ekanoye) au-pair. 

After returning to Saint Marie with Miranda and her family, they visited a farm owned by Harley Joseph, who was found dead. This threw DS Cassell and DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) into an investigation to find out what had happened.

Turns out the danger was a lot closer to home, as Miranda is revealed to have been responsible for Harley's death, as well as Otis Benjamin's and her mother's death too.

In dramatic scenes, Florence was held at gunpoint by Miranda after she'd put all the pieces together, but was able to escape unharmed. However, it clearly impacted her psychologically and she made the difficult decision to leave Saint Marie.

She told Neville, who had confessed his feelings to her earlier in the series: "If I'm going to start properly living again, it has to be somewhere else, where there are no ghosts. Somewhere new", and in response to this Neville thanked her for making the island a home.

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But is this the last we've seen for Florence? Maybe not! Speaking to Hello Magazine, Josephine revealed that she might return by saying: "Maybe for a special episode, why not?!"

However, it would be a while down the road as she doesn't want to come back too quickly, adding: "Maybe not next year because it'd be too soon. People are going to be like, 'What is she doing? Leaving, coming back, leaving, coming back. Like, girl!' But maybe in a few years, yeah, why not?"

She went on to say: "Series ten was so good and we ended the series on a big cliffhanger between Neville and Florence, but I couldn't not come back, it would have been unfair.

"But I knew it would be just four episodes, to finish the story between the two characters and to be fair to the audience and respect them and that they follow the series… I couldn't just leave like that!"

Death in Paradise continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Friday 4th Feb. Episodes are also available on-demand via BBC iPlayer.

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