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Doctor Who guest star Julie Graham teases 'TERRIFYING' Cybermen!

Doctor Who Cybermen 2020
(Image credit: BBC / Ben Blackall)

The Doctor does battle with the Cybermen in a spectacular two-part finale, but will the secret of the Timeless Child finally be revealed?

Doctor Who guest star Julie Graham has hinted that there could be some big surprises on the way as the twelfth series draws to an end.

The former Benidorm actor will be appearing in the two-part series finale that kicks off on Sunday in a tale titled ‘Ascension of the Cybermen’, an action-packed adventure that sees the last remaining members of the human race battling for survival.

Doctor Who Julie Graham

Julie Graham as Ravio (Image credit: BBC / James Pardon)

The story begins when the Doctor and her pals arrive in the far-flung future in the aftermath of the Great CyberWar, a conflict waged against the Cybermen through the vastness of space.

Yet with next week's finale titled 'The Timeless Children', there are also rumours that we could be about to uncover the secret to which the Master alluded at the start of the series...

"I think there are some answers in this two-part finale," says Julie Graham. "But there will be a lot of questions as well!  There’s a lot of jeopardy and a lot of danger, which is all I can really say. It’s a thrilling conclusion to the series and I’m so pleased to be involved, because you really get a chance to explore and stretch the character in a two-parter."

Julie plays Ravio, the leader of a band of survivors who are being hunted by the Cybermen when they meet the Doctor and her pals, with showrunner Chris Chibnall dubbing the character an "all-action hero".

"It really is like a dystopian action adventure film, set in the far-flung future. There’s a definite Mad Max vibe," explains Julie. "Humans have more or less been wiped out and the last few survivors live in a dangerous and exciting world. They are hunted relentlessly by these ruthless Cybermen and are forced to fight, because these monsters just won’t rest."

For Julie, starring in a Doctor Who story that includes these iconic villains was especially pleasing...

"When I was a kid the Daleks were the ones that scared me, but when I watched the show with my kids it was the Cybermen that terrified the life out of them!" she says. "It was great to be involved in this episode because I think the Cybermen really are the most iconic of the modern Doctor Who villains. Their origins are fascinating, which is something we touch on. We also meet one especially terrifying Cyberman in this tale, but I can’t say too much about him."

Julie stars in the ninth episode of Doctor Who on Sunday 23rd February on BBC1 at 7.10pm.