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EastEnders star reveals all on their TOP SECRET return: 'I didn't even tell my mum!'

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Danny Walters returned as EastEnders favourite Keanu Taylor tonight...

EastEnders fans were left stunned tonight when Keanu Taylor made a shock return to Walford under the cover of darkness... and actor Danny Walters has revealed that his comeback was so cloak and dagger that even his own family didn't know.

Tonight's EastEnders might have focused on Linda Carter and her shocking decision to deliver husband Mick with divorce papers Den and Angie-style, but the epic moment of the episode that has got everyone talking was Keanu coming back for Sharon.

Keanu returns to EastEnders BBC

Sharon was stunned to see Keanu on her doorstep (Picture: BBC)

As Sharon packed her hospital bag - finally getting ready for the arrival of her baby - she was pleased by a ring at the Beale's doorbell, thinking it was best friend Linda coming to offer her assistance.

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However, nothing could prepare Sharon for the fact it was actually Keanu standing on the other side of the door... complete with dark clothes and a baseball cap for good measure.

But while he might have managed to get to Sharon without Ben Mitchell (who still thinks he is dead!) seeing him, Sharon was adamant that it wasn't safe for him to be there as he asked her to run away from Walford together.

Keanu's return marks the start of an action-packed new thread to this storyline, and actor Danny Walters can't wait...

Keanu returns to EastEnders BBC

Keanu asked Sharon to leave Walford with him (Picture: BBC)

"It was really tough not to tell anyone I was coming back. I was so excited by the storyline so it was hard not to tell my family and my close friends. I didn’t even tell my mum, she didn't know until tonight! That way she can watch it as a viewer, and she can enjoy all the twists and turns to come."

But Keanu is back with a bang because he wants to take Sharon and their unborn baby away from Walford... but why now? "Keanu has always wanted to be a dad," reveals Danny.

"His children will always be a priority, family means everything to Keanu. He’s come back for a lot of reasons, to try and make things right. He’s also come back to make sure the mistake he made with Louise and Peggy doesn’t happen again with Sharon. He sees it as his second chance for him to prove he can be a good dad to his children."

But it's not just Sharon he has returned to Walford for. Keanu is also looking for revenge on the Mitchells... and having lost everything thanks to Ben and Phil, Keanu will stop at nothing to get even...

Keanu returns to EastEnders BBC

Danny Walters has revealed his return to EastEnders was top secret (Picture: BBC)

"Keanu isn’t scared at all. After everything that happened over Christmas, Keanu’s lost everything, his freedom and his family. He’s got nothing else to lose.

"Ben Mitchell has taken everything from Keanu, he even tried to get Keanu killed, so Keanu is back and he wants to put Ben through what he went through. Ben wanted Keanu dead, so Keanu’s hell bent on revenge of course, he wants to make him feel that he’s lost everything.

"Keanu's next move is essentially like a game of chess, and to get to the King, which Keanu sees Ben as, he needs to go after the most precious thing to him, and that’s Callum…"

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