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Exclusive 'Before The Fire' clip shows an extreme response to outbreak paranoia

Jenna Lyng Adams in 'Before The Fire.'
Jenna Lyng Adams in 'Before The Fire.' (Image credit: Dark Sky Films)

Charlie Buhler's Before The Fire is a case of life imitating art in the worst way. The film, which releases on August 14th on behalf of Dark Star Pictures, saw its festival run shortened when our actual pandemic put a close first to large, then any gatherings. It’s not the only film with such a predicament either, as Amy Seimetz’s infectious thriller She Dies Tomorrow suffered a similar predicament. Sometimes, fate and coincidence can’t help but collide.

In Before The Fire, Jenna Lyng Adams plays Ava Boone, an actress who flees Los Angeles when a pandemic sends the country into chaos. She returns to her rural hometown, away from civilization, but a threatening figure from her past brings danger and trouble to her family’s doorstep. No matter how bad conditions in our world may get, humans will always find the worst ways to exploit already harrowing situations.

Today on What To Watch, we have an exclusive clip that reveals what Ava must face against. Mealtime should be a chance for friends and family to let their guard down, but with sickness ravaging humanity, even a cough or sneeze can have dire results. As you’ll see below.

At least, as far as I know, we haven’t hit the “take your loved ones out back” portion of our pandemic, so let’s at least respect Before The Fire for finding more horror in a sickness situation that’s more or less our own reality. It’s worth noting that Jenna Lyng Adams’ screenplay was written pre-COVID, and is not in any way a direct inspiration of our current period. A story dreamt up in the “before times,” which might have seemed farfetched upon conceptualization. Now? It all hits a bit close to home.

Before the Fire is coming to virtual cinemas and digital platforms/VOD on August 14th. In addition to Adams’ leading role, the film also stars Jackson Davis (Shameless), Ryan Vigilant (Affluenza), and Charles Hubbell. Catch it this weekend!