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Fans play sleuth for a special episode of Midsomer Murders. All the clues and answers REVEALED here....

MIDSOMER MURDERS Series 20: Crime scene: Annette Badland as Fleur Perkins with DCI John Barnaby

We reveal the clues and answers to this evening's special Midsomer Murders episode which got fans playing detective to celebrate 20 series of the drama....

Eagle-eyed fans of Midsomer Murders were in for a treat in tonight’s episode when they were given the chance to take part in a special “Easter Egg” hunt from the comfort of their sofas.

To celebrate the much-loved drama’s 20th series, writers and producers sprinkled the special episode, entitled Death of Small Coppers, with 20 carefully hidden clues that made reference to the previous 19 series.

Midsomer Murders

Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix as DCI John Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter

Speaking to TV Times ahead of the screening, star Neil Dudgeon, who has played DCI John Barnaby since 2010 said, "It’s an Easter egg hunt in the Midsomer Garden. I don’t think I’d get more than eight! But fans who know the show better than me will enjoy it. Although there are so many bizarre things in a Midsomer episode, perhaps another 20 will hardly register!"

Neil Dudgeon to replace Nettles on Midsomer

Neil Dudgeon took over crime solving duties from John Nettles on Midsomer

So, for those of you who played along did you fare better than Neil?

Find out here as we reveal all the cunningly placed clues from start to finish and the names of the Midsomer Murders episodes they refer to from the show’s 22 year history….

Clue 1. A crossroad sign pointing to Newton Magna.

Answer: Who Killed Cock Robin, series 4, episode 4.

Clue 2. A Cyclist wearing the Midsomer Team T-shirt.

Answer: Breaking the Chain, series 18, episode 3.

Clue 3. A crossword clue that read, "A village whose black and white inhabitants migrate"...

Answer: Written next to it was the answer Badgers Drift, the show's first ever episode back in 1997.

Midsomer Murders first ever episode

In the beginning... Elizabeth Spriggs as Iris Rainbird and Richard Cant as Dennis Rainbird in the very first episode of Midsomer [© Bentley Productions and all3media international]

Clue 4. A crossword clue that read: A French Bill, his sword beheaded many.

Answer: "Guillaume"- The Sword of Guillaume, series 13, episode 2.

Clue 5. A crossword clue that read: Five between solider.

Answer: Parva - The Straw Woman, series 7, episode 6.

Richard Briers in Midsomer Murders

Richard Briers was one of the show's many famous guest stars [© Bentley Productions and all3media international]

Clue 6. A Green Man pub sign.

Answer: The Green Man, series 7, episode 1.

Clue 7.  A bottle of Midsomer Vinae.

Answer: Vintage Murder, series 17, episode 4.

Clue 8. A pitch fork that killed Orlando Bloom.

Answer: Judgement Day, series 3, episode 3.

Clue 9. A crossword clue that read: Fast choir ails the poisonous flower. Luke writes in the answer ‘Orchis Fatalis’.

Answer: Orchis Fatalis, series 8, episode 3.

Clue 10. Troy Vale is referenced in dialogue

Midsomer Murders

Daniel Casey as Sgt Gavin Troy, Clare Holman as Sue Tutt and a very young looking Hugh Bonneville as Hugh Barton [© Bentley Productions and all3media international]

Answer: Troy Vale, series 1 to Series 7.

Clue 11. Kite in the sky.

Answer: Bird of Prey, season six, episode 5

Clue 12. Henry Hodgson Print.

Answer: The Black Room, series 12, episode 2

Clue 13. Radio playing 'Curse of the Ninth'

Answer: Curse of the Ninth, series 19, episode 6

Clue 14. Plummers relish jar on the table.

Answer: Sauce for the Good, series 8, episode 7.

Clue 15. Calder’s biscuit tin seen on a table.

Answer: The Killings in Copenhagen, series 16, episode 5

Clue 16. Midsomer Life magazines seen on the floor.

Answer: Midsomer Life, series 11, episode 8.

Clue 17. A vintage car rolls by.

Answer: Death in the Slow Lane, series 14, episode 1.

Clue 18. A radio plays The Ballad of Midsomer.

Answer: The Ballad of Midsomer County, series 17, episode 3.

Clue 19. A rock song plays on the radio.

Answer: The Axeman Cometh, series 10, episode 4.

Clue 20. A chess set is seen.

Answer: Sicilian Defence, series 15, episode 5.




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