Fine - let's talk about Baby Yoda's egg slurping in 'The Mandalorian'

Baby Yoda eyes his dinner.
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If we're being honest, The Mandalorian is struggling at the beginning of Season 2. There are plenty of fascinating (and sometimes terrifying) creatures, and we've had some solid Baby Yoda content, but there's still no underlying narrative into the season. However, this wasn't the root of fan complaints over last week's episode "The Passenger." Instead, viewer focus was directed to one egg-slurping Child who would not stop eating the last potential offspring of an endangered species. 

The gist of the episode was simple: Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda were to give Frog Lady (no really that's what we call her) a ride to Trask so she could meet up with her husband who could then fertilize her eggs so that their species may live on. Mando's ship runs afoul of a krykna nest, and the three of them must survive against a bunch of enraged space spiders. (It's worth noting that these space spiders are ticked off because Baby Yoda eats several of them, too.) 

Does Mando not feed this kid? 

All the same, the disgust (and in some odd cases, actual offense) of fans was so wide-spread that Phil Szostak, Lucasfilm’s creative art manager, took to Twitter to clear things up: 

“For the record, Chapter 10 of #TheMandalorian makes it clear that the Frog Lady’s eggs are unfertilized, like the chicken eggs many of us enjoy. But obviously, chickens aren’t sentient beings and the Child eating the eggs is intentionally disturbing, for comedic effect. Fans of horror know that disturbing things make some of us laugh and some of us squirm, or both. Your mileage may vary.”

There you have it! Baby's just hungry, and we're meant to be grossed out. Besides, it feels weird to go off against one of the few interesting moments of the episode outside of the krykna. Hopefully things will pick up with the season. In the meantime, we still have Baby Yoda slurpin' on eggs. 

Amelia Emberwing

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