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FIRST LOOK: Holby City’s shocking new trailer

Holby City Trailer
Issac Mayfield's grip on lover, Dominic, takes a sinister, twisted turn (Image credit: BBC)

Domestic abuse is in the spotlight in Holby City’s shocking new trailer…

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone seems to be the message in Holby City’s impactful new trailer.

In scenes that may shock some viewers, the trailer shows Holby’s Isaac Mayfield violently attacking his lover and co-worker, Dr Dominic Copeland.

Holby City Trailer

Vulnerable Dominic has come to believe Isaac's actions are acts of love... (Image credit: BBC)

That Isaac’s emotional manipulation of Dominic (David Ames) has escalated into physical violence may not surprise many. For months Isaac (Marc Elliott) has belittled and manipulated Dominic in sick fits of jealously and rage.

In Holby’s new trailer viewers are left with no doubts about twisted Isaac. Shocking scenes reveal Dominic being punched to the ground by callous Isaac, Dominic's torso covered in horrific bruises, and the doctor resorting to make-up to cover a black eye. But when his friends try to intervene, Dominic insists it’s all part of a passionate relationship…

Can anyone get through to Dominic before Isaac’s violence escalates into unforgivable tragedy?

Watch the trailer here