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FIRST LOOK: Martin Kemp returns for Birds of a Feather Christmas special

BIRDS OF A FEATHER, martin kemp
(Image credit: KIERON MCCARRON)

Martin Kemp is returning to the role of Vince for the Birds of a Feather Christmas special, reuniting with schoolmates Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson

ITV has released the first images featuring Martin Kemp's return to Birds of a Feather for its upcoming Christmas special.

Martin will return to the role of gangster Vince, who was last seen getting friendly with Dorien (Lesley Joseph) in the back of a hearse at Darryl's funeral.

boaf, martin kemp

When he originally starred in Birds of a Feather in 2015, Martin said: “[Filming] was great fun. [Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson] were childhood friends, we all went to Anna Scher [theatre school] together, and I’ve seen them since at different things, but we hadn’t really worked together as a team.

“It was just nice being on that show. At some points I had to stand back and pinch myself, because it was the first thing I’ve been on for a long time that was actually fun to shoot. A lot of the dramas you do, you’re trying to scrape the scabs off old wounds and dig up horrible memories to make the drama work. But with Birds Of A Feather it was just about getting in there and having fun."


In the feature-length Christmas special, Vince runs a bar in Tangier and comes to the ladies' rescue when they attract the attention of some unwanted people. The birds are in Tangier to search for Travis (Charlie Quirke) who has gone missing on his gap year.