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Flesh and Blood fans pleading for second series after HUGE cliffhanger

Flesh and Blood ITV

Will the characters be back for another round? Contains spoilers!

Flesh and Blood fans are calling for a second installment after Thursday's dramatic episode ended on an enormous cliffhanger.

For the past week, viewers have been trying to piece together the clues following a body bag being carried out of Vivien's (Francesca Annis) home in the first episode.

Whilst many assumed it would be her new husband Mark (Stephen Rea), it was soon confirmed that it was someone else inside the body bag. But who?

During Vivien's birthday celebrations, Mark punched her son Jake (Russell Tovey) who quickly retaliated to the act of violence by running at him, causing him to accidentally fall off the balcony and was knocked unconscious.

Flesh and Blood ITV

People didn't trust Vivien's new husband Mark... but was he really a bad person?

Many fans had suspected Mary (Imelda Staunton) from the very beginning, as well as accusing her of setting Vivien's new car on fire, and it turned out she did have sinister intentions.

Following Mark's fall, Mary approached him and attempted to suffocate him, but was stopped as the authorities showed up.

Mark was left in a critical condition, but he was very much alive, ruling him out as the one inside the body bag from the first episode.

But why would Mary want to kill Mark? Is she trying to protect Vivien, or trying to get Mark out of the way?

Naturally fans were quick to demand answers, with many calling for a second series to clear up the loose ends and finally reveal who had died at Vivien's house.

One wrote, "Interesting #FleshAndBlood finale ...surely S2 is in the works already? @ITV"

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Another added, "#FleshAndBlood Another amazing drama from @ITV Stunning cast and great storyline. Bring on series 2, lots of unanswered questions"

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A third wrote, "Wow loved #FleshAndBlood I want another series now...surely @ITV there has to be right?"

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A fourth added, "#fleshandblood Enjoyed this drama @ITV Please do a Series 2!"

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And a fifth exclaimed, "So, the body bag wasn't a body bag?? This has been left with enough loose threads for a second series #FleshAndBlood"

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With mystery fans clearly invested in the Flesh and Blood storyline, it's no surprise that people want even more.

Will we finally find out who was in the body bag, or will ITV leave us hanging? We hope it's the former!

Flesh and Blood is available on demand via ITV Hub.

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