George Rainsford reveals why Ethan has turned BAD BOY in Casualty!

Dylan points his finger at Ethan in warning in Casualty
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George Rainsford reveals Effie’s life and Ethan’s career are on the line in Casualty

It really is the quiet ones you have to watch in Casualty

Ethan Hardy’s colleagues would be horrified to learn about the mild-mannered doctor’s ethical misadventures over the years…

Ethan’s most recent brood of lies come to light in Casualty this week when Effie Laurence is rushed to the ED with a mystery infection. As she deteriorates Ethan realises he may have endangered her life by lying to get her on the cystic fibrosis medical trial.

We talked to George Rainsford, who plays Ethan in Casualty, to find out more…

We were shocked when Rash punched Ethan last week! What’s going on?

George Rainsford: "Ethan is behaving really badly at the moment if I’m honest! It’s a really difficult time for lots of Casualty characters. Rash has lost his mum and is under lots of pressure from people at work. He also has to cover up Mason’s mistakes."

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How has that been to film for you?

GR: "It was difficult to shoot because I was quite aware that Ethan was being hypocritical and acting out of character with his treatment of Rash. It’s important not to be judgemental when playing someone and to try and make sense of why he’s suddenly unethically out of character. There’s context for it…"

What’s at the root of his behaviour?

GR: "Nearly dying in the terrorist incident a few months ago has hit Ethan hard. Then almost immediately this opportunity came along for him to help Effie. He’s putting all his energies into this chance to be her medical saviour."

There’s also an attraction between Effie and Ethan. Can you explain more?

GR: "I think he was attracted by how Effie manages to have fun at this difficult stage of her life. The idea of somebody who has a medical condition like himself – he has Huntington’s disease– but is dealing with it, is very attractive. But the relationship definitely entered an inappropriate phase! It all gets a bit confused."

Effie in an ED hospital bed looking dangerously ill

Effie is dangerously ill. Is it time for Ethan to come clean about his lies? (Image credit: BBC)

In this week’s Casualty it appears Ethan’s misguided attempts to help Effie may have harmed her. Can you reveal more?

GR: "Prior to this episode Ethan has tried to cut ties with Effie. He’s also lied to her dad, Theo, about which trial group she’s in. In this week’s episode Effie has started the trial and is still trying to get in touch with Ethan. She collapses and is rushed to the ED where nobody has any idea what’s happening…"

How does Ethan react?

GR: "Ethan panics and desperately tries to work out whether her illness is caused by the trail drug or something else. But because it’s a double blind trial it’s proving difficult to get that information. He has to admit to Theo that he has no idea whether she’s taken the trial drug or not."

Doctor Chen is around this week too. Is she suspicious of Ethan?

Caught red-handed? Ethan has some explaining to do to Dr Chen and Dylan

Caught red-handed? Ethan has some explaining to do to Dr Chen and Dylan (Image credit: BBC)

GR: "Yes, she’s already warned him off because she’s got an idea of what’s going on. Dylan also gets the idea that Ethan may have adjusted Effie’s medical notes this week…"

Are there more twists and turns to come?

GR: "Yes, as the day progresses other people from the trial are brought into the ED. Ethan is in too deep and doesn’t know whether to admit the truth or keep trying to solve the situation. He’s playing with fire!"

Find out what happens in this week’s Casualty when it airs on Saturday 2 November at 9.20pm

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