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'Harry Potter' fans shocked as star pops up in 'Silent Witness'

Silent Witness Season 24
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Harry Potter fans were somewhat stunned to see a familiar face in last night's Silent Witness.

Silent Witness Season 24 has officially kicked off, with the first episode airing on BBC1 on Monday 6 September. The series saw the return of long-running character Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) facing an old threat after a fight broke out in prison, which took fans all the way back to Season 13 of the crime series.

After an inmate was found dead, Nikki had her suspicions that cellmate and school shooter Scott Weston (Elliott Tittensor) from Season 13 had something to do with it. Scott was the gunman responsible for a shooting spree at a university back in the 2010 series, so it's a throwback for both fans and Nikki when his name appears to be attached to a brand new case.

The episode saw actor Elliot Tittenser facing off against Emilia Fox which was thrilling enough for fans after all these years, but they were even more surprised when a very familiar Harry Potter face appeared on screen.

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Luna Lovegood actress Evanna Lynch played Scott's girlfriend Paisley Robinson in the Season 24 premiere, where she visited him in prison and was strongly campaigning for his case review. As soon as she appeared, fans were quick to take to Twitter to express their surprise at seeing her on the programme.

One wrote: "evanna lynch in silent witness what a surprise that was #SilentWitness"

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Another added: "Was that Evanna Lynch I just spotted. Aka luna lovegood #SilentWitness"

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A third wrote: "Evanna Lynch in silent witness tonight, definitely a shock!! #SilentWitness"

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And another simply added: "LUNA LOVEGOOD"

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Evanna Lynch's Paisley seemed alone in her campaign to free Scott, as even his own mother Pamela (Connie Walker) thought her son should serve his full sentence for the crimes he committed.

The next part of this episode will air tonight [Tuesday 7 September], and it's likely we'll be seeing Evanna return for its conclusion. But it doesn't look like she'll be in the series long-term.

Recently, Evanna has been in 2019's Madness in the Method and My Name Is Emily, but is most well known for her role as Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter

Silent Witness airs on BBC1. Previous seasons are available to watch via BBC iPlayer

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