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Raf could make SHOCK Holby City comeback, says Joe McFadden!

Joe McFadden plays Raf in Holby City
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Could Raf return... as a ghost?!

Ex Holby City star Joe McFadden says he’d like to return to the show - as a ghost!

The former Strictly Come Dancing winner was a fan favourite as Raf di Lucca, playing the part from 2014 to 2017.

Raf dies Holby

Raf's final moment in Holby City

But his character was tragically shot dead in December 2017, leaving behind wife Essie (played by Kaye Wragg), who he'd married secretly. But, being dead hasn’t stopped characters returning to shows in the past, and Joe told Inside Soap he’d like to see Raf return as a ghost.

“Nothing lasts forever. I pitched it to the producer that Raf could appear as a ghost and give Essie some advice, but he wasn’t having it!

“I’m happy being a good memory, and Raf’s memorial was blessed by Reverend Richard Coles. He blessed it in real life as well - so I really feel as if I’m dead now!”

holby raf essie

Raf with his wife Essie in Holby City before his tragic demise in the BBC1 show

Raf exited in dramatic fashion, after being shot by a gunman at the hospital. Talking at the time to us about how much of a shock Raf’s death was for fans, Joe said: “No, they won’t have seen it coming but you want to have a dramatic ending to your character. You want people to sit up and take notice and there’s absolutely no way they’re not going to do that.

“As an actor, it’s nice to have a bit of impact when your character goes, instead of just getting transferred to another hospital. The producers have said that they only kill the characters they really like. So it’s a compliment that they’ve decided to kill me off.”

Previous to starring in Holly City, Joe enjoyed roles in Casualty, Cranford and most famously as PC Joe Mason in Heartbeat.

Holby City continues on BBC1.