Holby's Chizzy Akudolu: 'Mr T's cold towards Mo when he comes back!' (VIDEO)

Holby City's Mo Effanga

Holby surgeon Mo Effanga is stunned when Mr T returns to Holby and drops a bombshell! But it's Mr T who's left speechless when he discovers she's pregnant...

Mo Effanga gets a shock in next week's Holby City when Mr T returns from Sweden – but she soon discovers he's not alone.

When surgeon Mo told obstetrician Mr Thompson (Ben Hull) a while back that their one-night stand was a one-off, a devastated Mr T left for a new job in Sweden. Shortly after, Mo discovered she was pregnant with Mr T’s baby – so she’s stunned when she sees him back on Darwin.

Chizzy Akudolu, who plays Mo in the BBC1 medical drama, told What’s on TV: “Mo’s surprised to see that Mr T’s back – but then he’s quite cold with her."

As Mo treats a former cancer patient, she's assisted by new nurse, Inga Olsen, who soon gets on the wrong side of Mo...

"Mo’s pregnant and she hasn't told anybody, well she told Jac and Hanssen knows, but she hasn't told Ollie and Zosia," said Chizzy. "But Inga basically blurts out on the ward that Mo's pregnant – so that's strike one!"

Having already taken a dislike to Inga, Mo then discovers who Inga really is…

"Mo finds out Inga is Mr T’s fiancé," revealed Chizzy. "So that's strike two. Then just the fact that [Inga's] so sweet and giggly is strike three. In Mo's head, Inga's now come back with her man – so Mo hates her."

But it's Mr T who gets an almighty shock when he discovers Mo's pregnant. Thinking he could be the baby's father, Mr T questions Mo – but she lies that she conceived with a sperm donor. Will she ever tell Mr T he's the daddy?

"Mo wants to tell him that it's his kid but there's a part of her that thinks well he's happy and I don't want to ruin his happiness," said Chizzy. "If you really love someone you should let them go."

Watch Mr T’s return in Holby City on Tuesday September 6 at 8pm on BBC1.

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