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How many tuners does HDHomeRun Scribe have?


Best answer: The HDHomeRun Scribe Duo has two tuners, and the HDHomeRun Scribe Quatro has four tuners. This means you can connect up to two or four devices to enjoy live TV in your home.

All in one

A tuner and a storage device are precisely what you'll get out of HDHomeRun Scribe's line. Whether you need two tuners or four, they have something available for anyone looking to get the most out of their live TV. Not to mention, you can save up to 150 hours of shows on any of your connected devices so you can enjoy them later.

With the Scribe, you're able to do everything on this device without having to have a separate box for it. The Scribe gives you the ability to connect multiple devices, so everyone in the family can enjoy their TV shows and record them as well. If you want a device that can do everything in one, this is the perfect product for all of your needs to get the most out of your live TV.

What's HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is the perfect option for anyone who wants to take cable out of their life. With the use of over-the-air antenna waves, you can get live TV and movies brought right to your phone or TV. There is a large selection of local and network channels that they can bring to you without the monthly cost. If you want to be able to use their DVR abilities, you will have to pay $35 a year to be able to save your favorite films.

If your heart is set on HDHomeRun, you might be overwhelmed by all the devices they offer. Whether you need just a tuner or you're looking for something that can also store your shows, there is something on their list for everyone. Make sure to choose the product that best suits you to get the most out of your live TV experience.

How to set up your tuner

Setting your tuner up is rather simple, you just need an antenna and your internet router. If you have those devices, it's just a few simple steps to get you back to live TV.

  1. Connect your antenna to your tuner .
  2. Connect your tuner to your router .
  3. Download the HDHomeRun app on your device.

Once you've got those steps completed, your phone or TV will be able to detect your tuner once you open the app automatically. From there, it's simple and easy to enjoy all that live TV has to offer. It's a perfect and simple setup that allows you to skip the monthly cable bill and save a little bit of money.