Is Hulu available on Vizio SmartCast?

Vizio M658-G1

Best answer: Yes. You can watch Hulu directly from the SmartCast input on your Vizio TV.

With a Vizio TV, you don't need another stick to stream Hulu and Hulu live

Streaming isn't always synonymous with simplicity. You don't want to have to buy any more hardware than you have to in order to watch what you want — and you also don't want to have to learn to use any more hardware than you have to. With a Vizio television, you can use its built-in SmartCast operating system (just push the big V button in the middle of your remote) to watch Hulu all you want.

It's the exact same Hulu you'll get on any other platform — Amazon Fire TV, Roku, wherever. The only difference is it comes built in to your Vizio TV, so you don't have to worry about buying or learning to use any other piece of hardware. It'll work with existing accounts, or with a new subscription.