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"I was so ungrateful on Corrie!" reveals Scott & Bailey star Amelia Bullmore

Former Coronation Street (opens in new tab) stars Amelia Bullmore and Lee Warburton have talked about the experience of changing from actors to writers for TV show Scott & Bailey, which also stars Suranne Jones (opens in new tab) and Lesley Sharp (opens in new tab).

Amelia (opens in new tab), who was Steph Barnes in the soap from 1990-1995, plays DCI Gill Murray in the ITV police drama, but has now become the show's lead writer, and Lee, who played Tony Horrocks in Corrie from 1995-1998, has penned two episodes for her.

"The team on Corrie are fantastic and I'm more in awe now than I've ever been. I used to read a script and think, 'Ooh, they've spelt that wrong', or, 'My character wouldn't go to Blackpool on holiday'.

"Now I realise someone's spent three months doing everything they can to make that script happen. I was so ungrateful!"

But Amelia added it could be a difficult balance to act and write: "I was actually a little bit wobbly when we started filming this series, because I'd been so busy with the scripts, I hadn't quite done as much prep as I usually would.

"What was coming out of me sounded a bit like a Gill impression, but after a week or so I relaxed."

Lee (opens in new tab) moved into TV writing four years ago and admitted: "I didn't have a clue when I started. I felt like I was wearing boxing gloves and trying to type on the keyboard...

"It's weird being on set as a writer and suddenly feeling like you're not part of the acting gang, but I absolutely love the peace and quiet. I enjoy sitting at my desk, just me and my dog, working on scripts."

"It really helps to have an acting background," adds Lee, "because what I'm doing now is just a different way of telling stories. I'm acting every single character every day, speaking all the lines out loud and making sure the actors can say them."

Scott & Bailey (opens in new tab) continues on ITV on Wednesday, September 17.