Best of IFA 2019: CordCutters' favorite announcements from the show

Here's the cool thing about the annual IFA show in Berlin. Actually —  here are a number of cool things about the annual IFA show in Berlin.

  1. It's in Berlin. It's a fascinating city steeped in history and is a must-visit whenever you're in Europe.
  2. Schnitzel. Full stop.
  3. A portion of Messe Berlin — that's the sprawling venue that plays host to IFA each year — are crazy futuristic, the kind of industrial design that you can only find in Berlin. Look for it in the underrated Duncan Jones movie (does he have any other kind?) Mute on Netflix .
  4. Speaking of movies, The Bourne Supremacy .
  5. All the cool tech that gets unveiled there every year.

One more cool thing about IFA is that all the tech tends to run the gamut. We get phones. We get TVs. We get watches. All kinds of stuff, really.

And with that, here's the best of the best of what we spied at this year's show:

Best of IFA 2019