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Jason Manford game show What Would Your Kid Do? 'axed' after just two series

Jason Manford

Jason Manford game show What Would Your Kid Do? has reportedly been axed.

According to The Sun, the family-friendly quiz has been been dropped by ITV after just two series.

The evening show, hosted by the comedian, first hit screens back in 2018 and has been running for two seasons.

The aim of the game is to see how much mums and dads know about their own young children.

Kids were put in a classroom and secretly filmed while they carried out certain tasks that had been set.

At the same time, the little ones’ parents were watching from inside the TV studio and challenged to guess how their children would react in the different situations they were placed in.

Kids were challenged on a range of different skills and characteristics, including curiosity, empathy, lateral thinking and rule-breaking.

“The shows did OK in the ratings but ITV wants to freshen up its schedule a bit so is cutting some of the dead wood,” a source told The Sun.

“There are no plans to bring back the show in the future, so it’s goodbye for now.”

This comes just days after dating show Take Me Out, hosted by comedian Paddy McGuiness, was cancelled.

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Host Paddy McGuinness (Image credit: ITV / Thames / Fremantle)

Taking to Instagram to address his show being axed, Paddy said, “Hello friends it’s time to say goodbye to Take Me Out, eight weddings, six babies and a generation of youngsters who have grown up watching us on Saturday night.

“10 years that’s before Tinder, Snapchat, Twitter was a little baby, Instagram wasn’t a thing and Whatsapp, that were just witchcraft,” he joked.

“What I am most proud of is the success of Take Me Out as it put dating show back on the TV map, thank you to the boys who braved the love lift and more importantly the stars of the show, the girls.

“I am going to miss spending my Saturday nights with you”.