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Jason Manford to host new BBC1 quiz Unbeatable

Jason Manford as Craig in Death In Paradise series 10
(Image credit: BBC / Red Planet / Denis Guyenon)

Jason Manford, seen here in Death in Paradise, is a big fan of quizzes

Jason Manford is to front a new general knowledge quiz show for BBC1 called Unbeatable.

Teasing the show, the BBC says: “In this quiz, the four contestants can always give an answer - but can they give the ‘Unbeatable’ answer and streak ahead of the competition to win a cash prize? This knockout competition is full of fun knowledge and easy to play along for viewers at home. Contestants and viewers will soon see just how ‘unbeatable’ they are…”

Jason, who is guest starring as a murder suspect tonight in Death in Paradise season 10, spoke about how excited he is about the quiz.

He says: “I know how important daytime quizzes are for a lot of people, I used to sit with my Nana Manford and mum watching them, they keep the brain going, they’re a chuckle and I’m really looking forward to being a part of this exciting brand new one.

“The great thing about Unbeatable is you don’t even need to know the actual answer to appear clever. I feel like this is the quiz show I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”

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Carla-Maria Lawson, BBC Head of Daytime and Early Peak, adds: “Unbeatable is a real treat for Daytime’s quiz-savvy viewers who love to play along, and with Jason at the helm we can promise there’ll also be plenty of laughs along the way.”

Meanwhile, talking about his guest spot on Death in Paradise, Jason told us: “After five months of lockdown and homeschooling and all that, I had such a good time hanging out on a beautiful island, with lovely people and fun scripts.

"It was a dream, to the point where we kept slipping up: you’d be chatting and you’d say ‘how long have we been on this holiday now? Not holiday – work!’”

Unbeatable, hosted by Jason Manford, will be shown on BBC1 (see our TV guide for full listings).