Jenny Ryan reveals she was 'astonished' by Beat The Chasers moment

Beat the Chasers

The spin-off game show starts next week!

Beat the Chasers starts on ITV1 next week, and Jenny Ryan has opened up about a surprising moment.

Ahead of the first episode, Jenny "The Vixen" Ryan has revealed one of her highlights from the week long special.

The quizzer told ITV, "There was a film question that came up. I was still processing what Brad had said and by that time Shaun had buzzed in and answered!

"I was absolutely astonished – I can’t imagine he’s ever seen that film!”

The series sees all five Chasers teaming up for the first time, to take on contestants together.

Contestants can choose to take on one or all five of the Chasers for increasing amounts of money.

If they're brave enough to take on the entire team, they could potentially win a huge cash prize.

Even though facing all the Chasers at once might seem impossible, Jenny has suggested it isn't.

She added, "Nothing is impossible. We give the contestants plenty of opportunities to increase their chances of winning – eg. a lower offer with a bigger head start.

"Those quizzers are out there – that’s what we want, a fair fight.”

It also seems that Beat the Chasers is approached by contestants in a very different way.

Jenny revealed, "It’s more about the glory of having tried than it is about taking anything home.

"The opportunity to take on all five of us is an opportunity not to be passed up it seems.”

The contestants weren't the only ones determined to beat Chasers, as the quizzers had fun challenging each other.

She added, "It was fun. There’s a lot of jostling for who is the fastest and who is the best and who is the most consistent.”

Beat the Chasers starts at 9pm on ITV1 on Monday 27th April.

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