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Jodie Whittaker plans to be in ‘different time zone’ during Doctor Who debut

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(Image credit: BBC / BBC Studios)

Something tells us she doesn’t need to worry…

Jodie Whittaker has revealed she plans to be in a different country when she makes her debut as the first female Doctor.

Doctor Who returns next month and Jodie, 36, has confessed she’s so worried about potential backlash she’ll be in a ‘different time zone’.

She told Daily Star: ‘[I’ll be] somewhere far away, so I don’t watch it in the same time zone. I’ll be turning my phone off and hoping for the best.’

Jodie also revealed she’s bringing her own style to the iconic role, as encouraged by writer Chris Chibnall.

‘Doctor Who isn’t something that was on TV in my house when I was growing up,’ she said. ‘So I thought I’d have to cane it before the first audition and watch every single episode.

‘Thankfully Chris said, “I don’t want you to, I want you to come in with fresh eyes and bring what you would do in this environment”.’

The first full episode of Doctor Who series 13 will air on Sunday 7 October.

We can’t wait!