Jonas Armstrong: I feared I wouldn't work again after Robin Hood

Jonas Armstrong shot to fame as Robin of Locksley in BBC drama Robin Hood in 2006, but he says he feared he wouldn't work again after leaving the show in 2009

"Every actor goes through patches where the phone isn't ringing," said Jonas, who stars in The Whale, a BBC1 drama (Sunday, December 22) about a group of sailors who survive after their whaling ship is sunk by a whale – a scenario that inspired the classic novel Moby Dick.

"Doubts start to creep in and then you phone your agent and they remind you that this is the way it is. It's the profession you've gone into and things will come along."

Things certainly have come along for Jonas, who'll also be starring alongside Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow next year.

"If I thought two years ago I'd be working with probably the biggest film star on the planet I would have said 'never', but it was great," said Jonas. "He was really supportive and generous on set so it was great, it was an absolute privilege to work with him."


Sean Marland
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