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Julie Hesmondhalgh: Screwdriver is a 'cry from the heart' about protecting children (VIDEO)

She’s been shocking us with her language and antics as she’s played harassed mum Cleo in Cucumber, but now former Corrie star Julie Hesmondalgh is about to feature in a spin-off called Screwdriver, which launches on February 19.

The 15-minute special features high drama between mum Cleo and her son Adam, played by former Waterloo Road star Ceallach Spellman, as Cleo has discovered her son is deeply immersed in the world of internet porn.

Julie spoke to What’s On TV about Screwdriver and some of the issues it throws up for modern day parents.

“In Screwdriver, Cleo really has to look at what her children are being exposed to, especially online,” Julie told us. “I learnt such a lot about the online world doing this, because I was completely naive about it.

“Writer Russell T Davies calls Screwdriver a good-old-fashioned polemic. It’s a battle cry - a sort of cry from the heart on what we’re neglecting to protect our children from.”

You can watch Screwdriver HERE from Thursday night. Meanwhile, watch our chat with Julie Hesmondhalgh, above.