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Katherine Parkinson: 'I was so moved by Kay Mellor's script I got pregnant!'

When IT Crowd star Katherine Parkinson read the script of her new BBC1 drama In The Club, which follows a group of heavily pregnant women, she reckons it led her to getting pregnant!

"I was so moved by Kay Mellor's script, I got myself pregnant," laughed a heavily pregnant Katherine at the launch of In The Club, which also stars Jill Halfpenny, Will Mellor and Hermione Norris among others.

"Then when we started filming when I was eight weeks' gone, I was going through the hardest part of my pregnancy - I had loads of migraines under the lights and was feeling really quite rough. Everyone was very supportive."

Katherine plays a lesbian mum-to-be Kim, and she had plenty to contend while filming the drama in Leeds last winter, especially when her on-screen baby arrived.

"My screen baby emptied its bowels in the birthing pool!" she laughed. "But it had been a long day of filming so I was past caring.

"As for real-life, I'm on my second pregnancy this time around, so I'm much more complacent, and I'm looking up Google much less."

In The Club comes to BBC1 later this summer.