Kay Mellor: ‘In the Club and The Syndicate are on hold – for now!’

Kay Mellor, OBE, reveals she's working on a new drama
Kay Mellor, OBE, reveals she's working on a new drama (Image credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima)

Kay Mellor reveals The Syndicate and In the Club are on hold while she works on a new six-part drama series…

She’s brought us Fat Friends, The Syndicate and In the Club. And now popular TV writer Kay Mellor has a new project on the go.

BBC have announced a new six-part series called Love, Lies and Records. Here’s ten things we know about Kay Mellor’s new project…

What’s in a name? Kay Mellor’s new series is called Love, Lies and Records. The 'Love' and 'Lies' part is self-explanatory. 'Records', however, has nothing to do with vinyl and everything to do with the recordings of births, marriages and deaths.

Close to home It’s a six part drama set in Kay’s hometown, Leeds, and follows the hectic life of registrar Kate Dickinson, as she tries to juggle her personal life with the daily dramas of births, marriages and deaths, and their impact on her.

Promotional pains When working mother Kate is promoted to her dream job of Superintendent, her life leaps from hectic to intensely hectic!

Secretive daughter Kate’s the mum to a daughter, who is receiving suspicious messages on her phone and hiding something potentially sinister...

Moody son Kate’s son seems to hate her – and not just because she bought him the wrong trainers!

Stepson in tow Family life is on the verge of flying out of control and is further complicated when her stepson arrives unannounced and declares he wants to stay. But why the sudden need to move in?

What will Kate do? Meanwhile, like in all good dramas, Kate is hiding an undisclosed secret from her past. It wouldn’t be problem except a resentful colleague threatens to spill the scandalous beans!

The write stuff Although casting has yet to be announced, Kay is writing all six episodes and is also executive producer on the Rollem Productions project.

In the Club and The Syndicate shelved This means future series of In the Club and The Syndicate are on ice for the moment, although they have NOT been axed. Kate has said: “I’d love to do another series of In The Club and The Syndicate, but they are on hold for now."

Gaynor Faye

Mum's the word for Gaynor Faye...

Keeping it real Kay has also revealed the project has been inspired by real life tragedy and joys, including the death of her mother and the birth of her daughters, Coronation Street actress Gaynor Faye and TV producer Yvonne Francas.

Talking about Love, Lies and Records Kay said: “This has been cooking in my brain for quite a while and it feels like the right time to put it on the screen.

“The idea came to me when I was registering my mother’s death at Leeds Town Hall, closely followed by a friend’s wedding in the very same place. I remembered registering the birth of both of my daughters there too, and I realised that the Register Office and registrars really are at the very heart of life. It’s a place of laughter, tears and great drama."


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