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Killing Eve star Sandra Oh - 'Eve and Villanelle EXPLODE when they’re together'

Eve (Sandra Oh) gets close to Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in Killing Eve 2
(Image credit: BBC/Sid Gentle/Steve Schofield)

Eve has become dangerously obsessed with Villanelle, reveals Sandra

Killing Eve star Sandra Oh says that Eve and Villanelle are like “two sparks that explode” when they’re together in series two.

Viewers loved the on screen chemistry between Eve (Sandra) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in series one, which ended in bloody fashion when Eve plunged a blade into Villanelle.

While Eve spent most of the first run chasing the assassin, the 47-year-old says things are about to get more complicated in season two, which starts on BBC1 on Saturday 8th June.

“It’s definitely deeper and is not so much a discovery anymore," explains Sandra. "It’s not only a chase, it’s understanding how to be in relation to each other. When they are in the same room, it’s too much energy. They’re like two sparks that explode when they are together, yet they need each other. Season two gets much more complicated.”

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Eve (Sandra Oh) in the bath in series two of Killing Eve

Mounting problems: Eve (Sandra Oh) is set for a tough time in series two

Sandra goes on to say that Eve is so obsessed with Villanelle she risks destroying everything else in her life.

“Eve’s journey in season two takes her to a psychologically dark place. She’s pushed to the limit in every way - in her marriage, at work, in her personality and sexually. She isolates herself because she’s so obsessed with Villanelle.

“Her personality starts to change because she foregoes a lot of her friendships to solve a new mystery and ultimately succeed in her job. Eve and Kenny have always had a lovely relationship and it is really pushed and tried this season. All her relationships are.”

Killing Eve

Carolyn (Fiona Shaw)

Another key relationship of the first series was the one between Eve and her boss Carolyn (Fiona Shaw). And that dynamic is set to continue, says Sandra.

“What Carolyn does best is to manipulate and inspire at the same time. At the top of season two she brings Eve back to the fold, to continue hunting Villanelle and to use her understanding of female psychopaths and killers.

“Eve joins a new team at MI6 and we are introduced to a couple of new characters, Jess and Hugo. It was so great to have new energy and dynamics.”

Meanwhile, Sandra says she relished the chance to work with Jodie again.

“I love working with Jodie. We have gone deeper in our trust with each other as actors this season and it’s deeper between Eve and Villanelle too. When we shoot our scenes together it feels like there’s only the two of us there in that moment. And that’s the same between Villanelle and Eve. It’s only the two of them so it’s very intimate.”

Sandra Oh returns as Eve in series two of Killing Eve, which starts on Saturday 8th June at 9.15pm on BBC1.