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The Krankies on their ‘awful blinking nightmare’ in tonight’s Real Marigold Hotel

The Krankies Real Marigold Hotel
(Image credit: BBC/Twofour/Nikolaz Godet)

The Krankies have a train horror...

The Krankies, aka Ian and Janette Tough have a wonderful time on The Real Marigold Hotel, but they suffer an “awful blinking nightmare” in tonight’s episode.

The Scottish showbiz legends - who're on the show with the likes of former EastEnders star Peter Dean and actress Stephanie Beacham - travel by sleeper train to Gujarat for India’s Navaratri festival and let’s just say things don’t go to plan….

“The trip on the train was an awful blinking nightmare!,” says Ian, 71, to TV Times.

While Janette, also 71, reveals: “It was a real low point. There was an upset in the carriage across from us. These four men started shouting and arguing, and it woke me up – I got such a fright.

“In the end it calmed down and the rest of the men in the carriage apologised for the behaviour of those people. The train was so uncomfortable, too – it wasn’t a pleasant journey."

However, they had much more fun when they arrived at the festival, which saw them dress in traditional costume before enjoying some dancing.

“I loved the dancing – I love dancing anyway so it was great…,” says Ian. Janette adds: “I hated my costume! We went to this awful shop to hire them and I was thinking, ‘How many folk have had this on before me? And I don’t remember passing a dry cleaners.’ It was so heavy and cumbersome.

“But the atmosphere in that place was unbelievable. It was like a rock concert with Indian music!”

The Real Marigold Hotel, featuring The Krankies, continues on BBC1 tonight at 9pm.